2018 Trans Am Performance Review

2018 Trans Am Performance Review

Although the 2018 Trans Am looks a bit cartoonish in these renderings, but turns out it’s quite a serious car! You can have the 2018 Trans Am with either the standard 426 hp LS3 engine of the Camaro or a modded twin-charged 6.2 liter LS9 with over 900 hp!

So as far as power matters, the 2018 Trans Am won’t disappoint. But it’s the looks that needs some refining!  They’ve customized the interior accordingly with gold accents in 1970s style!

Performance 2018 Trans Am modifications in summary:

Standard: LS3 426 HP
Optional: Twin Turbo 6.2 ltr LS9 900 HP +
Custom suspensions available
Lowered 1? in the front and 2? in the rear
6 speed transmission with hardened gears and drive axle
22? custom wheels (snowflake available)
Functional fender vents for brake heat reduction

Gold interior accents
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